Seriously? I Read That?

Dewey Decimal Challenge

Posted on: January 7, 2009

I must be crazy because I just signed up for the Dewey Decimal Challenge.
The goal is to read 1 book from each Dewey Century per month from 000 to 999.

Some possibilities; all are books currently on my TBR list:

000 – Generalities
Golden Legacy (070)

100 – Philosophy and Psychology
Ghosts of Gettysburg (133)

200 – Religion
Unveiled: the Hidden Life of Nuns (271.9)
Leaving the Saints (289.3)

300 – Social Sciences
Do Pharmacists Sell Farms? (381)
Beautiful Boy (362.29)

400 – Language
Grammar for Dummies (428.2)

500 – Natural Sciences + Math
Close to Shore (597.3)

600 – Technology
Best Food Writing 2008 (641)

700 – The Arts
Grand Ole Opry: Making of an American Icon (781.642)

800 – Literature and Rhetoric
The Devil Kissed Her (824)

900 – Geography and History
1776 (973.3)


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