Seriously? I Read That?

From the Moleskine…

Posted on: January 15, 2009

General Warning: Reading journal entries may contain spoilers.

Entry Date: 1/12/09
Reading: The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt

Some books make me feel slightly mentally numb while reading. I think these might be one of those books. My knowledge of history, scientific or otherwise is sorely lacking. In my education history, Tesla was a man tucked into short paragraphs, an entry in an index, perhaps a footnote to the pages upon pages my textbooks dedicated to Edison. I have to fill the gaps in on my own.

Fiction as history lesson? Why not? This book fills a need I have better than any history lecture or textbook I’ve encountered. It’s enough to spark my fingers into springing into action. Google is my friend.

I want to know more.

I think the following quotation from the book summarizes my thoughts pretty well on Tesla and how (at least in my experience) he appears to have slipped through the cracks in history; pushed aside to let others take the spotlight. Perhaps it’s because some people just don’t care to know.

“This family has been so mesmerized by technology that they are no longer even curious enough to try to discover where the electricity they love comes from” (169).


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